Hopes, dreams and byways

~ Plans and so many dreams I have for you, sweetheart your road is paved with solid bricks in graceful patters quick, but with imagination relaxed, yet with passion and always forward ~ The road you follow now has too many curves to my liking twists sideways even dead ends but tastes differ you sense…


Soul Mates

~ she was more than she could ever be taller than life for his love lifted her yet humbled in gratitude where, blossomed into wholeness, souls met ~ for a larger image, please click the photo


The Comfort of Home

~ Though the roads still beckon dare and call directing my gaze onward to the horizon I avert my eyes and take a step back then another for now it is time for reflection for rejoicing with my sons closeness of family and friends I am wrapping myself in the comfort of home ~

2013-04-15 22.41.31

Magic Glow

~ When two minds touch and it feels much like home ~ As soon as eyes lock and you get stuck with no release ~ If two hands meet and love bleeds from the heart ~ When two lips melt and you’ve never felt like this before ~ Then you know this magic glow is…



~ warm-hearted and kind you are sweet dog with flappy ears rough coat and gentle nature which you share with your humans who are willing to lend your company to me every now and then ~ Thank you, all of you! ~ ~ for Angela & Frans, Nora en Klaartje ~