Winter Photos

Dry snow and crispy air. This combination lured us from the house into the wild. Into the wildish ;) My camera screamed, refusing to be left behind. Unfortunately the sun was hiding behind the clouds, I would have loved a bit of blue between the white and brown, but my camera, famished as it was, ate everything anyway.

  1. The road ahead was clear.
  2. Moss and leaves, playfully connected.
  3. Trees, lifting their arms in unison.
  4. This looked more like a cemetery than a forest.
  5. Dutch feet.
  6. Though temperatures are below -15 C, this brook was still not frozen over.
  7. Then a dog came running past.
  8. My Dad will drool upon seeing this: he’s not a wood eater but loves to fire up his hearth.
  9. The lumber, closer up.
  10. The absolute highlight of the walk. I wanted to jump up too but kept calm and asked them if I could shoot photos in stead.
  11. Now I’m drooling: not as a horse eater but as horse lover.
  12. Trees towering over Vman.
  13. Once inscribed in small letters, now grown into a bigger font.
  14. A Dryad ;)
  15. My eyes saw the head of a giraffe in the bark of this tree… please tell me you see it too?