Burn Out


This guy gave it all

and now he’s dumped, forgotten…

Rest In Rust, old pal


12 thoughts on “Burn Out

    • It was kind of eerie to be honest, Christine. There was absolutely no other human in sight – apart from V-man. But it was too special to pass. Shooting photos and then back towards the road.


  1. Mar, what I like best regarding the above photos are the ones showing the melted glass (now hardened) as it lay on the dash and steering column. It’s beautiful. Thanks.


  2. Yes, there is nothing sadder than an old car wreck, abandoned, filthy, surrounded by glass debris and full of ashes and rust… a symbol of our decaying industrial societies?:/


    • Things – as humans – get older and worn. And if they are discarded of after thorough use, I’m OK with it. Not if they are easily swapped for a younger, better, faster, more modern version each year.


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