and then, suddenly

a boy turns into a man

finding his own way


It is my youngest son’s eighteenth birthday today. I’m so proud of him. He is turning into a wonderful young man. Unfortunately he’s rather camera shy – at least with me ;)

Happy birthday, Sean!

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10 thoughts on “Eighteen!

  1. Congrats on this monumental day…Happy Birthday Sean! And Mar, now that they’re both adults, you can get some of your free-time back, hehehe :) wishful thinking, right?


    • Ah right, yes! Now they can both do their own cooking, laundry, cleaning, driving, and I won’t have to do another thing. A sea of glorious free time is glistening in front of me…
      *wakes up*
      Damn ;)
      Thanks, Roxie :D


  2. I am off, so I don’t know if I missed htis. Both your boys, now men. Please give Sean birthday hugs across the big pond from Auntie J. *crawls back in to bed*
    Much love


    • Jules! Get back to bed this instant, you hear? So sweet of you to give Sean hugs while you’re just recovering.
      I hope you’ll feel better soon, sweetie *tight but gentle hugs*


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