2013-04-15 22.41.31

Magic Glow

~ When two minds touch and it feels much like home ~ As soon as eyes lock and you get stuck with no release ~ If two hands meet and love bleeds from the heart ~ When two lips melt and you’ve never felt like this before ~ Then you know this magic glow is…


Open up

~ Sing, darling, let us hear your voice Dance, love, dance with feet and feelings Show, precious, your pretty dazzling smile Write, sweetheart, write your heart out so someone can come and wrap caring hands around it, nestle it – ever so gently – to love you ~


A touch of spring

~ In midst of winter when icy rain chills your bones do not despair let hope blossom in your heart for cold will fade and sun return ’cause underneath memories of spring lie dormant waiting for nature’s call ~ ~ click the photo for a larger image ~


The Joy of Giving

Today V-man and I visited a garden center, where the Christmas spirit was running free and merry. In a quiet corner I found this fluffy soft cat pillow. The perfect gift for sweet Bandit. What do you think? Does he like it?  ~ the joy of giving mirrored in the peaceful smile of the other’s…


Job Interview

There are times when you just have to follow your own, new road, no matter what happens to the comfortable bus you’re on. I got out and tried to take a different path, but it didn’t work out. So now I have to wait for the next ride. And you know what? It feels good…