Travel theme: Foliage

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Ailsa of Where’s my backpack? was so kind to invite me to participate in her Weekly Travel Theme. It is foliage she wants us to show. And I found plenty of that in a nearby forest. Woods. Eh…

Could someone please explain the difference between forest and woods to me? When do I use forest and when woods? Thank you.

The leaves stay the same though ;)

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32 thoughts on “Travel theme: Foliage”

  1. Nandini says:

    So much green! I love it! :)

    My favorite shot would be the first one. Cool! :D


    • I’ve been to Swedish forests – yes, those were absolutely forests, for miles and miles. Are the Danish ones something like those? Or smaller?


  2. I love that path in the forst…Lovely take on foliage…I have no idea on the difference…I would have thought that woods was just a smaller area…referring more to back yard!!! ;-)


    • You never know exactly where a wood path will lead… I love exploring unknown woods, but without my partner at my side, I would be lost. My sense of direction is… eh, I have NO sense of direction ;)
      How about you?


  3. Christine Grote says:

    I don’t think there is a difference between forest and woods, however, there is a big difference between garden and yard. Your yard is all the land around your house and is typically covered with grass. Your yard made contain one or more gardens where you grow flowers and/or vegetables. We have several flowered and one vegetable garden in our yard.


  4. Good question, Marion. I use forest for a place where evergreens are predominant and the area is more wild. Woods, for me, are more domesticated with gentle paths. However, the dictionary I use doesn’t agree. It’s says that “woods” are closely packed trees forming a forest. :)

    Unless I’m writing a research paper, I’ll leave it up to the reader!


    • If I use your description, then there is no forest in the Netherlands, only woods. Holland is too densely populated. No wonder, it’s so small :)
      Thanks for helping me out!


  5. Beautiful photos, Marion. I think thereis no difference between a forest and a wood. They both refer to an area that has a high density of trees. Forest seems to be more widely used these days, but when I was a child in England, we always used to say, “We’re going into the woods.” :)


  6. I love trees. I photographed several native species while in Hawaii recently. I’ll have to post them. Thanks for reminding me. First I’ll have to figure out how to download them from my phone. Haven’t done that yet. I’m sure it’s similar to what I’ve done with my camera. Wish me luck…you know me?! ha, ha. :lol:


  7. Love your shots of foliage, Marion.

    I can´t help you with your conundrum, but in my mind, a forest is much bigger than a wood. :)


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