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Humour, Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday:

Power drill. Vacuum cleaner is mine…

Today I’m helping the V-man. He is doing big stuff, like drilling holes in the walls of his house with a huge power drill, while balancing on a ladder. The goal is to install a new heating unit.

And I… I am standing at his feet with a vacuum cleaner to catch the dusty stuff before it floats away on its own. What a job ;)

Have a helpful Saturday!


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22 thoughts on “Home Improvement”

  1. were you being the typical multitasking female?: one hand typing away on your laptop, the other hand holding the tube of the vacuum cleaner…

    if your hubby was a real man, he could drill with one hand and vacuum with the other. ;-) (note the wink)


    • It is, Angel :) This afternoon we went to an art exhibition and made lots of photos. Now it’s almost time for supper: nasi goreng, mmm. I made double portions yesterday.
      What is on your menu today?


  2. Every helping hand makes the job go easier… even if you are on lowly vacuum detail! When you get done there, come on over to my house, we have plenty of dust and flying cat fur you can work your magic with! ;-)


    • Well, Josie, my own house has dust and cat fur too, so I’d prefer to go there first ;) And since you have lots of experience, perhaps you want to come over to my place instead?


  3. My Beloved Sandra (who’s the handyperson in our team) and I installed new light fixtures in the master bath today. that is to say: She installed them & I stood by, handing her tools & useless advice.


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