From a distance

Haiku, Photo, Poems, Sunday Post


Distant lights beckon

but we stay right where we are

high above the world



~ click the photo for a larger size ~

This photo was taken from the Lantern Room of Villa Augustus in Dordrecht, the Netherlands. ________________________________________________________________

More photos From A Distance over at Jake Sprinter’s Sunday Post.

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Reader, writer, word player. No lady, but all woman. RPGamer. Caretaker of sons, feline Smokey and the Bandit, dungeons & dragons. Torn between English & Dutch.

28 thoughts on “From a distance”

  1. Hello Dutchess, are you here tonight? I have been playing in my lightroom under the influence and I think I got it all wrong :D. How’s your day?

  2. I am loving it Marion…. there is a tower in it :O, which is one of my favourite ingredients in photos of places :D. Well done!

  3. What a tranquil, peaceful and romantic scene, Dutchess. It’s no wonder you used it as a header. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  4. I love that shot! It has a lot going on in it, and you can almost believe that you are looking out of that window rather than at a picture. Fits the theme well, too!

  5. Glorious Marion. My husband suggested I take a photo of the moon. Yours is the nearest I’ve come so far, and much prettier. I’m going looking for a window to take photos from.

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