Beautiful Quote


I just have to share this with you all:

The writer is unknown to me, so I can’t give him/her the credits. I’m sorry.

Please stay safe, stay healthy, stay happy,


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Reader, writer, word player. No lady, but all woman. RPGamer. Caretaker of lads and cats, dungeons & dragons. Torn between English & Dutch.

13 thoughts on “Beautiful Quote”

      • Dance, as though no one is watching,
        Love, as though you’ve never been hurt before,
        Sing, as though no one can hear you,
        Work, as though you don’t need the money,
        Live, as though heaven is on earth.

        I’m ok, thank you :)

  1. Hey Marion,

    Het is een lichtjes gewijzigde versie van een citaat van James Dean.
    Maar zeker zo mooi ;-)

  2. P.S. And I appreciate your good wishes… when a heart is able to send love to others, it is in peace with oneself (my quote ;)

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