Villages of England

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The fishing village of Clovelly was a pleasant surprise on our trip in the south of England,

as was Corfe, village of Dorset, with its famous castle.

More villages in Jake Sprinter’s Sunday Post.

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28 thoughts on “Villages of England”

  1. Pictures such as these…make me want to move to your side of the world. Ah well…I guess I’ll just have to use…your eyes…and live vicariously. :)


  2. I have an auntie who lives very near to Clovelly. Sadly she can’t manage the steep banks anymore. Beautiful photos Marion.


    • That is sad indeed, Jo. But she can take the Jeep down and up again, right? At least she will be able to visit the sea. It was beautiful there.


  3. Thank you so much for “liking” my village post, Marion. :) I love yours…now i know why my son and daughter-in-law keep encouraging me to go to Europe…your photos are quite lovely!


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  5. Dat is wel heel mooi!
    Vorige maand was ik in Great Yarmouth,
    dat een heel andere indruk van ‘villages of England’ geeft…


    • Op de site van Great Yarmouth wordt dit dorp betiteld als een van de top badplaatsen van de UK. Ik krijg de indruk dat jij daar anders over denkt?


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