Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

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I love wood. I grew up with the scents of wood and glue, since my Dad has a workshop with all tools imaginable. He has always created things – still does actually – like Gyro Gearloose.

This little dog I made out of red meranti wood:

The brass frog once scared my neighbor. Senseless. She screamed and ran away. I was showing her the black wax model I molded. She thought it was real:

I crafted both the dog and the frog a long, long time ago, but they live where ever I live. Sturdy pets! ;)

Last year I created this silver-green dragon. It has been a guest at Figments before:

Witness its birth:

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Reader, writer, word player. No lady, but all woman. RPGamer. Caretaker of lads and cats, dungeons & dragons. Torn between English & Dutch.

37 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Create”

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    • It has been many years since this dog came into existence. I don’t even remember what tools to use, I would have to buy them. Perhaps, Angel, perhaps one day a cat will appear.

  2. lensaddiction says:

    I have often wondered about wood carving, good for you for giving it a go, and making such an adorable sculpture.

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  5. Really cool…lovely keepsakes.
    You did a great job on the dragon. I really like the color.

    • First I applied the green, but that was too dull. So I added silver, and that did the trick. So nice of you to comment! :)

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