Sunday Post: Pet

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Jake’s Sunday challenge for this week is PET. A theme most people can relate to. I think very few never had an animal to take care of in their lives. I have had pets since I was a kid, varying from goldfish and little turtles to a canary and a rabbit. The year I moved out of my parents’ house to live on my own – now thirty years ago – I was adopted by my first tomcat, a huge gray tabby named Spike. Though he probably was a dog in disguise. Soon after, a female entered the household. And when both furry friends had gone to pet heaven, I saved two other tomcats from the animal shelter. One of them is still around. He’s talking to me right now. Probably feels I’m writing about him hehehe.

When I was in England in 2010, I chanced upon this fellow, who was lying comfortably on the top of the bar in a pub. Of course I couldn’t resist to cuddle with him, since he looked so much like…

… my Bandit.

Pets are friends who give love and honest affection without ever judging. I can not imagine my life without them.

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Reader, writer, word player. No lady, but all woman. RPGamer. Caretaker of sons, feline Smokey and the Bandit, dungeons & dragons. Torn between English & Dutch.

18 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Pet”

    • Where are you from, Arif? You are a Driessen too, how cool is that :D
      Thanks for the compliment, my Bandit is a darlin’.

  1. Pets are friends who give love and honest affection without ever judging. I can not imagine my life without them.
    Hear! Hear! You nailed that down pat, Marion! :) Those two fine fellows, pictured above, do resemble each other.

  2. Heerlijke foto’s, de overeenkomst is inderdaad opvallend!
    Hun kameraadschap is goud waard, onvoorwaardelijk hun liefde! :-)

  3. I think Bandit likes the smell of beer. LOL
    Cats can be comfortable anywhere. I’ve been
    taking a pet count from all of the pets posted.
    Cats are ahead. When there is a dog, a cat is nearby.
    ~~~~ : – )

    • The cat on the bar was not Bandit, Isadora, it was the pub’s owner’s pet :D My pal is the one sitting on the couch, the second photo.
      You think cats have the majority? And interesting subject :)

  4. Julia Davis says:

    Lovely post of your Bandit!! ((hugs))
    Much love,

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