Travel theme: Orange

Orange, yet not orange! It took a lot of courage to take this photo. Food like this gives me the shivers. All those legs, claws, tails, eyes and other protrusions. But of course these fresh sea dishes are aplenty in Portugal. For the record: this […]


Inside and Out

It has been three weeks since Smokey and Boris came to live with us. And during those weeks they have made our house their own. Their home. Friends even come over on maternity visits. And they bring presents! How sweet is that. :D Today my new tomcats […]

CW, CBS And Showtime 2013 Summer TCA Party - Arrivals

Nanu Nanu, vultures

What is it with those media? A great man has died, and immediately they jump Mr. Robin Williams’ memory like famished vultures on a funeral spree. Yes! Let’s dive in and drag up all we can find. Hello? The dear man is dead?! I don’t care […]